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Moving the GQW

September 5, 2011 Leave a comment

The original G-Quadruplex World blog is hosted at Blogger, but after playing around with WordPress I’ve decided to migrate the site here. I will post the specific reasons for the migration at some point (if I ever find the time and energy to do so). In the mean time, the migration should be pretty straightforward since I didn’t post that frequently (once a year on average!), but the real value of the site was the list of  ‘Notable Quadruplex Articles’, which appears now on the right side of this page as Recent articles on GQs. Other features that I have migrated here are:

  • A list of groups (GQ Groups) doing research related to GQs. This list is a little outdated, so I hope to be updating it more frequently.
  • Other links (GQ Links) related to GQs.

The reason why I started the GQW blog was to provide an convenient source for my research group to follow the publications in the field. So, I was surprised to find out in the ‘stats’ page that most viewers of the site are not from Puerto Rico, but from elsewhere (in particular from Japan!) as shown in the list below.

  1. Japan (1,799)
  2. United States (564)
  3. Taiwan (232)
  4. United Kingdom (198)
  5. Puerto Rico (150)
  6. Singapore (133)
  7. Italy (122)
  8. India (121)
  9. France (70)
  10. Ukraine (59)


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